Only One Exists

One-of-a-kind, sustainable, luxury brand.
Siren Skirts Sustainable Eco Friendly Slow Fashion Brand
Siren Skirts Sustainable Eco Friendly Slow Fashion Brand
Siren Skirts Sustainable Eco Friendly Slow Fashion Brand
Siren Skirts Sustainable Eco Friendly Slow Fashion Brand
Siren Skirts Sustainable Eco Friendly Slow Fashion Luxury Brand
Sustainable, Luxury, Zero Waste Fashion

One-of-a-kind eco couture designs handmade in San Diego, CA

We are a slow fashion, zero waste, luxury sustainable brand. Handmade & designed in San Diego, CA using the finest salvage, dead stock, remnant, or vegan fabrics with premium feel & drape in unique prints. We embrace the feminine form and empower women. With our fabric offcuts, we upcycle into new designs, accessories, and packaging. Each design is one of a kind & each named like a painting, a work of art. Making a difference one siren at a time. Join our mission to save the Earth and feel sexy.








The Siren sings, luring the sailor to his ultimate death, crashing against the rocky cliffs. You cannot resist the Siren.


A luxury, handmade, one of a kind, sustainable brand for women since 2011. Siren Skirts is a new idea of ready-to-wear eco couture. Luxury stretch, one of a kind, and never duplicated. Embracing the female form and giving it a voice of power and beauty.  Siren Skirts is a sustainable zero waste brand, handmade in San Diego, CA. Each design is named like a painting thus becoming a work of art. We want to share the uniqueness of every person, the fragility of the earth, and bringing back handmade, slow fashion, artisan work. Changing the way we buy, the way we make things, and how we look at ourselves. The fashion industry is the 3rd largest polluter. We need a change. We are a globally conscious company.


There is…

Only one you. Only one world. Only one Siren.


Luxury Fashion Designer Monigue Guzman
Designer: Monique Guzmán

Only One You. Only One World. Only One Siren Skirt.

Monique Guzmán, a Chilean Mexican American Designer is super extra, super passionate, and super driven.

As a designer, self-taught, made her first top at 14 years old. Started making her costumes for her dance shows and making /designing for her dance troop. This later turned into a small business from her home to supplement her income.

She created Siren Skirts on a napkin in a coffee shop, envisioning the swirls of scent and hair after a woman walks past.

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Monique is an artist in all different genres. From painting and drawing, to dance and fashion, to production and cuisine, and photography. She believes art should be in everything you do.

She is the Protector: Mother of 5, born on Earth Day, innately nurturing, decisive & intuitive. She is a champion of children, women, nature, and the arts.

She is the Traveler: Seeker of lands, people, cultures, traditions, & customs. She finds beauty in all and the connections we share.

She is the Dancer: Dancing since the age of 5, can’t live without music and dance. Master of Flamenco, Samba, and Tango Argentino.

She aims to remind woman that they are the Bomb and not to forget their power.

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Signature Siren Skirt

Full-Length Mermaid Skirt.
Clingy and Drapey.


The Paris Skirt

A 3/4 length skirt
Asymmetrical Hemline
Two Side Slits


Spanish Day Skirt

Knee-length Skirt
Side Slits Up Mid-thigh
Godet in the back


El Tango Dress

Off the shoulder
Asymmetrical neckline
One fitted, one blouson arm
Knee-length dress


Fishermans Bootay Mini Skirt

Micro mini skirt
Crochet lace hem
Recycled fabric

Fabric sourced from IPEKER, Turkish mill and certified Vegan

El Suspiro Pants

Fold-over band
Easy fit
Straight leg pant
Closed or open slit

The Beached Kimono Design

The Beached Kimono

Wide armholes
Detailed side closure
Fluid split sides



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Closed But Not Gone

Although we closed our doors Dec 31, 2020, designer, Monique Guzman has been busy working & building new plans that will be sure to surprise and excite. It was bittersweet to end an 11-year era of Siren Skirts, but we did do what we set out to do: Make one of kind designs that accentuated…

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