Hear those Sirens?! What’s all the hype?
Hear it straight from Sirens from all over the world:

"I absolutely love this skirt! Its very light, comfortable and fits perfectly!"

-Zuzana, California

"Beautiful design, lovely dress! thanks so much!"

-Maria, Germany

"Whether you are a dancer or just like to look great in a skirt, you've got to checkout SIREN SKIRTS! I have been VERY pleased with the quality of skirt Siren Skirts delivers--the fabric is lovely and soft, the seams are well done, the serging detail at the hem really finishes the skirt. SIREN SKIRTS move well and are perfect for flamenco practice and performance. And you WILL feel like a goddess in your siren skirt, as the owner promises! In short, these super sleek, incredibly feminine yet ultra-modern, one-of-a-kind creations let you express your individuality while giving a wink to traditional flamenco patterns and colors!"

-Lisa, Atlanta

"Monique's skirts are a work of art. They flatter a woman's body like no other skirts can and go beyond just being skirts. They magically transform into sexy day or evening dresses. Monique has an eye for color, texture and design. She rocks!!!”

-Sara, San Diego

"I bought 5 skirts, then three more. These remarkable skirts are indeed addictive! The intention was to express in Tango, now it's to express everywhere :) In fact I wear them at home, to the store, to the dance, even to a business lunch. The design is versatile, that is, it curves you no matter what body shape you have. But, your skirt is the only one of its kind on the planet!"

-Manal, Jordan