Monique Guzman is an artist, mother, designer, dancer, entrepreneur, producer, & performer. She believes that art should be in everything you do. Live passionately and intensely.

Her inspirations come from nature, the streets, being a dancer, travels, history, movies, all things vintage, music, cultures, color, emotion, comfort, fabrics, & pop culture. She wants to make every woman feel and remember how beautiful they are inside and out, not dwelling on imperfections but show off their beauty and feminine form.

A native San Diegan to which her parents immigrated from Chile and Mexico, she has deep roots to her Latin culture. She started dancing at the age of 5 with classical training, and moved on to hip hop, jazz, and all the Latin rhythms; eventually specializing in Samba, Flamenco, & Argentine Tango. She choreographs, performs, & teaches throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, & Mexico. She is the dance Director of Super Sonic Samba School and holds the 2011 Rainha Da Bateria honor.

In 2004, Monique founded her company Turtle Productions which is dedicated to Art Consulting & Design with four divisions: Cuisine, Home, Events, and Fashion.

Since 2007, Monique has been focusing on her label, Siren Skirts. Starting with amazing fabrics, she combines gorgeous line and silhouette to make every design accentuate feminine beauty and power.

In January 2013, Monique was recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in Fashion Design! Click HERE to read the article.